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Welcome to the world of Defon Pest Management & Hygiene, where almost five decades of expertise, unparalleled customer service, high-tech products and a pledge to the environment converge to improve the quality of life. Defon is recognized globally as an expert in pest management and hygiene, offering a variety of services and products across sectors.

Defon's success began with the shipping industry, giving it the competitive advantage of working with the most demanding sector around the world. This success has been replicated in commercial and residential environments, while fully embracing a philosophy that is both eco-friendly and customer oriented.

World Presence

Defon Pest Management & Hygiene is known worldwide for setting up a task force in virtually any city or port on demand and as long as required, a concept that has become the backbone of the company's global responsiveness and efficiency.

Demand for Defon's services from the shipping industry drives the company to open satellite offices in various locations around the globe for the duration of its contracts.

For instance, Defon operated an office in Rotterdam for 26 years and in Genoa for 10 years until its clients moved their base of operations to other ports, where Defon was there to greet them on arrival. In Jeddah, Defon serviced the fleet of famed Greek ship-owner Latsis for many years and still works with his company in other locations. Tokyo also saw the opening of a Defon office as it catered for important shipping firms.

Current work has been conducted in Australia, Bahrain, Egypt, France, Gibraltar, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Spain and the UK, among others.


Founded in 1961 by Sotirios Apostolou, Defon began its operations by offering disinfestation, disinfection and rodent control to the shipping industry.

A growing world of services...

Over the years, Defon's consistently high standards in the shipping sector have lead to an increase in demand from a large variety of other businesses. Gradually, Defon's services evolved into Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Hygiene, while its customer base grew impressively. The company extended its services to the following:

  • healthcare facilities (hospitals, clinics)
  • hospitality businesses (catering, hotels, bars, restaurants, etc.)
  • industrial (warehouses and factories)
  • municipal (schools, nursing homes, sports centers, government offices, public spaces)
  • offices (media headquarters, banks, embassies, etc.)
  • residential (villas, apartments, houses)

Demonstrating its continuous evolution, Defon Pest Management & Hygiene expanded globally after having penetrated all sectors in the domestic market.

An expanding arena of products

Defon's Historical Flyer

Defon, since its inception and in parallel to its service division, has also been providing a selection of products.

In the early years the product range featured mostly pest management products, distributed solely to its service clients. Over the years the client market increased along with the range of products provided by Defon:

In 2003 Defon's pest management products penetrated the wholesale market in Greece and Cyprus, including supermarkets, mini markets, pharmacies, hardware stores, agricultural stores, pet shops and pest control companies.

Since then, Defon progressively introduced new hygiene and professional cleaning products, personal care, paper products, etc. All the above can be supplied as ready-to-use products or for automatic systems. Recent additions include advanced water management systems, as well as innovative mattress and pillow encasements, for bed bug and dust mite protection.

Many of Defon's products are now distributed to suppliers worldwide.

In addition to the products of reputable suppliers who are globally recognized, Defon provides its own line of certified products. All these products espouse high-tech advancements in the field as well as an environmentally friendly philosophy.

Getting ready for the future

Today, Defon is managed by the founder's son Miltiadis S. Apostolou, holder of a BSc in Chemical Science and MSc in Pollution and Environment Control.

Quality Management Systems

«Our company has developed and implements a Quality Management System, according to ISO 9001:2008 requirements, in order to optimize our internal processes and procedures, to achieve better use of our resources, to measure our performance in all critical functions, to achieve our qualitative targets and finally prove our commitment to continual fulfillment of our clients' requirements and conformity with statutory and regulatory requirements.

Our company's Quality Management System has been certified by the Accredited Certification Body  TÜV AUSTRIA, which was founded in 1872 and holds a leading position in Technical Inspections and Certifications worldwide, proving in the most reliable way, our effort not only to maintain but also to enforce our company profile and market share.

For the implementation of the above ISO 9001:2008 system, our company chose the electronic retention of its documents, using the Certway Software.

The CERTWAY ® Software is an innovative information system, enabling the implementation of Quality Management System ISO 9001, providing universal and effective management, direct and without omissions flow of business processes and environmental protection thanks to a dramatic reduction in the use paper forms. »

Member of International Pest Control Organization

It is also a member of the National Pest Management Association in the United States, a prestigious global organisation that brings together major stakeholders in the field for improved exchanges of know-how and expertise.

The company has become the most trusted brand name in the industry in Greece with a solid international reputation. It is ready for further expansion, maintaining decent business practices, reputation for quality and environmental awareness.

About Us

DEFON Pest Management & Hygiene has been in operation since 1961, offering pest management and hygiene services such as disinfection, disinfestation and rodent control, as well as a large variety of products to clients around the globe.

Today the company works with over 80% of the Greek shipping industry, many international shipping clients and numerous respectable companies beyond the shipping field, across five continents. In this respect, Defon covers various sectors such as shipping, airlines, healthcare, hospitality and food businesses, municipal, industrial, residential and more.

Mission Statement

The mission of Defon Pest Management & Hygiene is to serve as guardians of your business, property, health and environment.

It is also to provide rapid, effective solutions featuring cutting-edge products and services with the least possible impact on the environment.

Finally, Defon strives to supply clients with valuable advice on maintaining hygienic, pest-free and eco-friendly surroundings.


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Innovative Mattress and Pillow Encasements



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  • Allergy protection
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  • Cool & Comfortable
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